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What's the point of a coach if they don't have real world expertise? We use our experience solving problems in the real world to help your teams and leadership adopt new techniques and technologies as well as hone the fundamental skills technology teams have used to succeed for decades.

What Our Clients Say

When I was 7, I built a cubby house under a big old tree and made it with cardboard boxes. It rained. The thing couldn't cope and fell apart.

If you want to build something robust, use the resources that set the right foundation that will last.

Zee ensured we didn't build a cardboard cubby house with our product.

His experience, mentorship and skills in the craft of building solid applications set us on the right path.

Looking forward to working with him again soon.
Zee is an excellent teacher and facilitator of group learning. He is patient and funny and asks the right questions to get people thinking. He is clearly passionate about programming and constantly improving his own skills, and that excitement is contagious.I've really enjoyed learning Ruby on Rails, TDD, and new ways to think about programming challenges from him.
Danielle Gellis, Software Developer
Zee is one of the more passionate developers I've worked with. His work is impeccable, as he takes the utmost care to craft it. Zee is great to work with, he is patient and explains things well. I thoroughly enjoyed pairing with him, and felt he brought a needed quality of excellence to our team.

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